Terms of Service

DisCal's development team and parent, DreamExposure, puts user privacy, safety, and comfort above all else.
In using DisCal, directly or indirectly, the user agrees to the following points.


"Users" refers to any individual that directly utilizes DisCal. Either via the official website, https://www.discalbot.com, command interaction with DisCal via Discord, and/or any form of communication whereas the user talks/texts to the DisCal bot.
"Us/We" refers to DreamExposure, the group that develops and maintains DisCal. DreamExposure is comprised of multiple members who program the bot, aid users with support and help in regards to the DisCal bot and/or DisCal website
"Data" refers to any user entered information provided to DisCal. This information includes dates/times, timezones, locations, event details, Discord user information, and other public data.


We prioritize privacy and security, therefore the servers and systems that DreamExposure manages relating to DisCal are kept encrypted behind firewalls. Regular virus scans are conducted to ensure the system is not compromised.
Data entered into the DisCal system is kept on an encrypted drive. This data is not accessible by anyone but the user directly entering the information, and the users in the Discord Server that the user is in.
Users, whether using DisCal directly or indirectly will not attempt to bypass or otherwise compromise DreamExposure's servers, systems, or products. Any attempt to render DreamExposure undue harm can result in legal action.
DisCal provides the ability to attach images to calendar events. These images are not stored or hosted on DreamExposure systems. DreamExposure is not liable and does not allow for any illegal content submitted by the user, including but not limited to proof of drug use, child pornography, etc. Should DreamExposure find this content, the user will can and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
Users are directly liable, legal or otherwise, for all content and data entered into DisCal.
DisCal utilizes the Google Calendar APIs and Discord APIs. DisCal is simply a bridge between the two. By using DisCal the user also agrees to the Google Terms or Service and Discord Terms of Service.
DreamExposure reserves the right to revoke access to DisCal if a user attempts to break the above Terms of Service.

Last edited: August 29, 2018.