Privacy Policy

Personal information collected includes full name, email address, age, credit and/or debit card information, billing address, and/or IP addresses. This information is only collected when needed, such as when registering for an account or purchasing a product via the online web-store provided by DreamExposure.

Personal information is never shared or sold to any third parties or services. Personal information is stored on internal services and encrypted. Any credit/debit card information is not stored or accessible by DreamExposure. Billing information is handled directly by the service DreamExposure may utilize for handling billing (SquareUp, Stripe, PayPal, Patreon).

IP Addresses are only collected for debugging purposes and deleted every rolling 24 hour period. In order to debug various API endpoints and pages, IP addresses may be logged. This information is vital to assessing issues within DreamExposure's websites and services.

Passwords for DreamExposure websites are stored in a database and are hashed and salted. Passwords are never stored in plaintext.

Last Updated: August 29, 2018.